890ML Coffee Press

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Portable, coffee press

Make 890ml of awesome coffee and rule the morning. Built for camping and travel – but totally awesome at home, too – this Coffee Press is built tough and light, cleans up fast and easy, and makes amazing coffee. The BPA-free, shatter-resistant carafe is built to take it, and a ballistics nylon cozy seals in the heat and adds protection. The patented plunger uses a specially designed silicone ring to keep stray grounds from muddying up your brew, and the insulated lid snaps tight to hold the warmth and make pouring easy.

Silicone ring plunger design virtually eliminates coffee ‘blow-by’ for the most flavourful, mud-free coffee or tea.

Double-walled, insulated lid and ballistic nylon-wrapped cozy hold in temperature while brewing and serving.

BPA-Free carafe is lightweight and shatter-resistant, allowing you to enjoy coffee anywhere.

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11.5cm x 10.5cm x 19cm

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